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Světová krajinná architektura v Londýne - nové nápady, inspirace, projekty..

A High Line for London competition shortlist announced

A High Line for London design competition  launched by the Landscape Institute, Mayor of London and Garden Museum has announced the finalists shortlist of 20 designs selected from over 170 entries. Inspired by the success of New York’s High Line, an urban park which has transcended the commonly accepted role of an urban park, the competition has inspired a shortlist of ideas that range from massive city-wide strategies, like using the empty space on top of buses, trams and trains to create mobile gardens, to small-scale community projects, like miniature urban woodlands in London’s forgotten spaces. The winners will be announced at the Landscape Institute’s Green Infrastructure day.

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Green Arteries | Bell Phillips Architects, Spacehub and AECOM
A scheme to transform London’s  flyovers into productive and beautiful green arteries to reduce the heat effect and traffic noise and encourage biodiversity.

[Re]Structure | Scott Badham and Ian Fisher 
Biocentric ‘mats’ and ‘sleeves’ to be layered onto buses, trams and trains to create mobile gardens.

The Lido Line | [Y/N] Studio  
Insert a clean, safe ‘basin’ in the Regent’s Canal in which to swim the ‘Lido Line’ from Little Venice to Limehouse. Includes a multi-layered membrane and oxygenating reeds in key locations.

Pop Down | Fletcher Priest Architects
Create an urban mushroom garden lit by sculptural glass-fibre mushrooms at street level inside the ‘Mail Rail’ tunnels beneath Oxford Street.

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